PAGICL, Niger State sign MOU to Develop Logistics Park in Mokwa

Pan African Global Infrastructure Limited (PAGICL), a subsidiary of Ratio Consulting, has signed an MOU with the Niger State government to commence the development of a logistics park situated in the town of Mokwa, Niger State.

The demand for Logistics parks and bonded terminals in Nigeria has risen over the years. But with Nigeria’s unstable economy, the industrial sector is under immense pressure to provide adequate management of these parks.

Mokwa Logistics park, an integrated logistics solution provider, aims to provide infrastructure and logistics services to businesses within its catchment area.

It will serve a highway known for its heavy vehicular traffic of trailers conveying bulk goods and services from the southern to the northern part of the country and vice versa.

Upon completion, Mokwa Logistics Park hopes to help businesses reduce their logistics costs and boost their efficiency.
Development of the Mokwa Logistics Park will begin in the first quarter of 2022.

The proposed park will be developed in four distinct phases which represents the four core businesses that the proposed park intends to offer.

The first phase includes the development of a fully serviced trailer Park, equipped with supporting infrastructures like a hotel, gas station, restaurants, corner shops, and most importantly a very large truck maintenance facility managed by seasoned experts.

The idea also involves the provision of specialized storage solutions, ( warehouses) mechanized material handling and also enables the seamless intermodal transfer of goods and services.

According to the developers, the Mokwa Logistics Park will operate a fully customs-approved Bonded Terminal. This will come in the third phase of the park’s development.

There will be an effective transfer of containers from seaports to the logistics park without delay and at the lowest possible costs.

The concept of ‘Industrial Park’ will be introduced in the fourth stage which entails the creation of a mini industrial cluster of independent companies coming together to gain economies of scale and positive externalities.

The major industrial cluster will be the agro park which will service agro-processing industries, cold chain/ cold rooms which will preserve perishable farm produce and avoid waste of agricultural perishables.

Other complimentary services/businesses which would be offered at Mokwa Logistics park include; Technology Hub, Gas Supply, Power, and Waste and Effluent Disposal.

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